NFT Knox: Historical Influence of American Comics

When ‘Watchmen’ was published in 1986, the vast majority of comics readers deemed it a watershed in comics history. The 12-part serial comic book was widely acclaimed as a genius subversion of the superhero genre, and it did much to popularize comics to adults. — Lydia Millet

Before Comics Were Comics

American History of Comics

The Platinum Age — 1897–1938

The Golden Age — 1938–1956

The Silver Age — 1956–1970

The Bronze Age — 1970–1985

The Modern Age — 1985–2022

The Digital Age — 2022 — ?



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NFT Knox

NFT Knox

Our ethos is one of utility, with a service offering that securely stores high-value, real-world assets and permanently ties each asset to a transferable.