NFT KNOX —Frequently Asked Questions

  • Damage — avoid a delivery driver throwing a fastball at your front door.
  • Loss — we don’t think tossing packages in ravines is cool either.
  • Theft — save running for the treadmill, not chasing porch pirates.
  • Costs — shipping, insurance, storage, and protection are on us.
  • Trading — near-instant payment and trade transactions, as well minting residuals on future sales.
  • Integrity — know your collectible is authentic by way of its digital signature.
  • US-based address MATIC equivalent of $25 USD plus insurance through a carrier.
  • Non-US-based address Contact
  • $1 to $100 USD 10%
  • $100.01 to $500 USD 7.5%
  • $500.01 to $2000 USD 5%
  • $2000.01 and greater 2.5%



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NFT Knox

NFT Knox

Our ethos is one of utility, with a service offering that securely stores high-value, real-world assets and permanently ties each asset to a transferable.