NFT Knox Announces Promotional Giveaway and Official Rules

NFT Knox
2 min readMar 18, 2022


17 March 2022 (Glenview, IL) — NFT Knox has announced the launch of its first-ever NFT promotional giveaway. The giveaway comes after NFT Knox’s inaugural sale of a “First Edition” comic and runs through mid-April 2022. Each of the giveaway NFTs are vaulted and have a value of $100–300, which the winner can keep or redeem.

“To award and grow our community, we are launching monthly NFT giveaways. The NFT giveaways are a means to thank our great Collectors. In light of the recent release of ‘The Batman’ film, we landed on a Batman comic being the perfect fit.” — John Steele

The first NFT giveaway is a Certified Guaranty Company 9.0 graded copy of Batman #404 from 1987 currently secured in the NFT Knox Reserve & valued at 0.0461 ETH on Polygon ($127.38)


“We also want our giveaways to be easy; every new person who joins our Discord server and the person who refers them will get entry points into the NFT Knox giveaway. We will be posting the rules in our Discord. The NFT Knox team plans to host an AMA for the drawing and announcement of the winner.” — John Steele

Official Rules:

A) All community Collectors are eligible to participate in the NFT Knox giveaway.

i. Participating Collectors must register their Metamask wallet on our website.

ii. One entry per Collector; Collector must be in our Discord server.

ii. Collectors must post in our Discord server “entered!” after registering their Metamask wallet to be entered into the giveaway.

B) New Collectors to our Discord server can also participate.

i. Any Collector who refers a new member who also registers will have their wallet entered again in the giveaway. Ex. If a Collector refers two people, who then register, the Collector’s wallet will have three entries (self + two referrals)

ii. NFT Knox team will verify each referral. Anyone who does not comply with the team’s verification process will not be allowed to join the giveaway.

C. The NFT Knox team will have an AMA to hold the drawing and announce the NFT winner. The transferring of the NFT to the winner’s registered wallet will occur following the AMA.



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