NFT Knox Announces Leadership Team and Hints at a Utility-Based NFT Platform Ahead of Launch

NFT Knox
2 min readFeb 20, 2022


30 JANUARY 2022 (Glenview, IL) — NFT Knox LLC, an innovative business chaining real-world assets to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), is commencing operations with the announcement of its leadership team and forthcoming platform launch. NFT Knox’s ethos is one of utility, with a service offering that securely stores high-value, real-world assets and permanently ties each asset to a transferable and redeemable NFT.

“The publicity of the metaverse should not be solely related to the benefits of a digital world … the connection between it and real life is where the real excitement lies. This is the space we operate in.” — Britton Iverson

Steering NFT Knox and its forthcoming platform launch is its new leadership team that brings decades of experiences and skills in technology, business, and entertainment.

John Steele — the Operational Architect of NFT Knox. A creative leader with two decades of experience working in the federal and private sectors, managing multi-disciplinary work units directed against complex, time-sensitive, special projects — blending innovative solutions with emerging technologies. With a background in business and technology, John understands the complexity of bridging the virtual and real-world and the importance of exploring DeFi, NFT, and cryptocurrency for real-world utility.

Britton Iverson — the Organizational Architect of NFT Knox. An investor, entrepreneur, and finance veteran. In addition to his successful running of $1B + teams during his finance tenure, he has successfully deployed innovative job roles, origination and sales strategies, and technology-aided real estate and manufacturing business plans. Britton is the founder and Organizational Architect of chicago3point0, a web3 technology-based incubator and marketing firm, with its core goals of decentralization and progress-based concepts.

Lindsay Weglarz — the Design Architect of NFT Knox. She brings 15 years of experience specializing in acquisition marketing program management and strategy. Her data-driven analysis spans multi-million-dollar direct mail, email, and omnichannel marketing programs within multiple industries, ranging from boutique to Fortune 100 firms. In addition, her creative and entrepreneurial mindset has allowed her to operate independently as a graphic designer specializing in personalized gifts in tandem with her extensive corporate resume for the last ten years.

Mariel Iverson — the Support Architect of NFT Knox. Mariel brings support and organization skills, having led hospitality teams of up to 60 for nearly a decade and routinely working with Fortune 100 leadership to coordinate and deliver large events. In addition to managing a a real estate portfolio that entails renovation, restoration, and sales, Mariel excels at balancing high-level priorities across an array of interests.

“The concept we’ve forged is a reimagination of NFT technology. Our platform’s environment could change how buyers and sellers trade high-value items. We’re unlocking a new way to store high-value, real-world assets and securely trade them using NFT technology.” — John Steele

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NFT Knox

Our ethos is one of utility, with a service offering that securely stores high-value, real-world assets and permanently ties each asset to a transferable.